Translation by Carmen Morell

By the grace of God, she has been receiving Messages from Heaven since February 2012. Recently she was told to spread the messages and has been doing so through the internet. She is asking us to help her in spreading them in our Catholic website, which is 11 years old and counts with the approval of the Catholic community. She has received 4 books that she hopes to share with us soon.

It is urgent because the messages trusted on her are matters that would bear weight in the balance and make the difference between the salvation and condemnation of a soul. Now they are not speaking of a slow conversion, but that we go immediately to Confession and stop sinning.

Our Catholic website has revised them completely and there is no doubt that the messages are true. God, the Father, Jesus and Mary are easily recognized.

Therefore, this Catholic website has decided to spread the messages.

The only information available regarding the visionary is that she is from Mexico.

We call on all Catholic pages to share and spread these very important messages, in this the End of Times. Also, we ask persons that speak other languages and are able to translate, and set up web pages to spread them throughout the world. Are you going to leave Him with his arms outstretched?

There is a new calling: Spread and translate, translate and spread.

Time is pressing, time is pressing, and time is pressing.



“To My Lost Sheep: Come Back!”
(Jesus of Nazareth)


(An Angel of the Lord Speaks)

Listen Creature of Heaven:
It is very important that your brothers understand this:
These Beautiful Didactic Dialogs for Humanity are special for the lambs that were lost in the world, as you were. They are for those who had absolutely no religious instruction, or for the brothers who had it but plagued of human errors.

In these we are taking you from the most tender spiritual infancy, passing through young adulthood, until you reach maturity. That is why it’s important that you follow it step-by-step, Dialog by Dialog; and not to be read as the news in the papers that with a superficial and thoughtless look,you’ve had enough; but to be read with a very open heart and for you to goout in the world practicing them; so you will make them yours.

In that way, with that Great Love, infinite, with which we have been guiding you; each one of your brothers who reads them will be guided. Each one is “Our Little One”, so make them yours, as The Voice of the Father, of Our Lord Jesus Christ, of Our Most Holy Mother, that is addressed in an intimate and personal way to each one who reads them.

Do you understand how you are to follow this guide of Salvation, this Way of Crumbs to reach the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Your and Our King of kings and Lord of lords?

The good use that each one obtains from them will be by each person’s individual effort.
It is, My Beloved Creatures, a banquet for little ones, but of each one depends if you only conform with the crumbs that fall on the floor, or if you enter to take advantage of everything: It depends on you.

The Most Holy Trinity gives you, bestows on you, gives you this instrument of Perfect and Transforming Conversion as a Gift to Humanity.
Treasure it, My children, treasure as what it is: Your Very Own Salvation.
May the Peace of the Most Holy Trinity reign in your Hearts with Goodness and Truth.
(A humble servant, Angel of the Lord)

(July 22, Year of the Lord 2013)

Y María del Getsemaní




(Our Most Holy Mother asks me to write the following)
In these times, My Children, in which a celebration (Halloween) has been socially instituted which is not only contrary to Holy Heaven, but very dangerous for your tiny souls, I beg you, in the dearest way, that you don’t participate in it, or allow that your children do it.

Rather, keep yourselves in prayer and wait for All Saints Day (First Friday in November) in which you have already seen (She tells me because I saw how the blessings rained from Heaven to those gathered in the Holy Mass that day).

Protect yourselves with the Most Sacred Blood of My Most Beloved Son Jesus Christ * and protect yours in this heinous date which is getting near (Thursday, October 31st).
Don’t forget, as my thankful children which you are, to assist to the Eucharistic Celebration of All Souls (Saturday, November 2nd) and pray for them so their souls will be elevated to the Holy Heaven.



Conscious, merciful Savior, of my nothingness and of Thy sublimity, I cast myself at Thy feet and thank Thee for the many proofs of Thy grace shown unto me, Thy ungrateful creature.
I thank Thee especially for delivering me by Thy Precious Blood from the destructive power of Satan.
In the presence of my dear Mother Mary, my guardian angel, my patron saint, and of the whole company of heaven, I dedicate myself voluntarily with a sincere heart, O dearest Jesus, to Thy Precious Blood, by which Thou hast redeemed the world from sin, death and hell.

I promise Thee, with the help of Thy grace and to the utmost of my strength to stir up and foster devotion to Thy Precious Blood, the price of our redemption, so that Thy adorable Blood may be honored and glorified by all.
In this way, I wish to make reparation for my disloyalty towards Thy Precious Blood of love, and to make satisfaction to Thee for the many profanations which men commit against that precious price of their salvation.

O would that my own sins, my coldness, and all the acts of disrespect I have ever committed against Thee, O Holy Precious Blood, could be undone.
Behold, O dearest Jesus, I offer to Thee the love, honor and adoration, which Thy most Holy Mother, Thy faithful disciples and all the saints have offered to Thy Precious Blood.
I ask Thee to forget my earlier faithlessness and coldness, and to forgive all who offend Thee.
Sprinkle me, O Divine Savior, and all men with Thy Precious Blood, so that we, O Crucified Love, may love Thee from now on with all our hearts, and worthily honor the price of our salvation.

I love you,

Your Most Holy Mother Mary of Guadalupe
In this day of the Lord, October 30 of the year


(October 30)



I.  Precautions & Protections for My Little Lambs in this End of Times

 (including St. Joseph's Oil)




II. Beautiful Didactic Dialogs For Humanity









BOOK V - DIALOGS 133-142​








It is His (the Father) Most Holy Will that meanwhile you read The Prophecies regarding The End of Times, of the Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich: “Because of what is soon coming over My Holy Church: so you will see and understand, My Little Ones; because looking you don’t see and listening, you don’t hear”.

(October 21)



Prophecies of the Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich-pdf


Prophecies of the Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich-word doc







The Didactic Dialogs in our site:


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January 19, 2013 

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Decide one and of all and be faithful to it. (2012)

My beloved temples are of flesh and skin. (2012) 

On Friday’s your soul hurts. (2012) 

If only one of ours is lost, it will be a bitter victory. (2012)  

There will be no refuge in old memories, or in dreams, or in false reasoning. (2012) 

Abba, what do you want me to tell them? (2012) 

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The falls of this world. (2012) 

Now families regroup (If it is an arrogant creature, it’s not one of ours.) (2012) 

Prayer begins from silence. (2012)

Pray in this way to the Holy Trinity. (Given by Jesus, 2012) 

Some just finished cleaning up, and others of degrading themselves. (Angel of the Lord) (2012) 

If you often tell Me, “Jesus, I trust in you.” Then, trust. (2012) 

Hell exists and it is a reality. (2012) 

All these disasters, wars, countries disintegrating… (2012) 

I want to confide to you something that I need to tell to humanity. (2012) 

When I came down to earth two thousand years ago, My message for you was ONE. (2012) 

These beautiful Didactic Dialogs. (2012) 

They will be reached by the justice. (2012) 

My Father cannot endure any longer this cynicism regarding abortion. (2012) 

I am very sad: My children preparing for war and no way to detain them. (2012) 

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They won’t be detained but evil will not prevail; do not call it Israel but Zion. (2012) 

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The love for my creatures; the ship sails soon. (2012) 

The Way of the Cross for this End of Times with Jesus' Meditations (2012) 





Brothers, many have asked, who is “Y María del Getsemaní”. The “Y” corresponds to her name and it was God the Father himself, who suggested it.

Like we said before, Heaven asked her to share the experience and immediately she offered herself. “I offered myself to Heaven, without restrictions, or to save appearances of any kind; to use whatever is useful”. Then she adds: “You must understand, that it does not matter when you pray, if you are living in mortal sin, nothing can be done. People have to understand and decide. Also about the importance of putting your Sacraments in order.


But let her relate directly to you her story of conversion.



I heard the First call from Vassula Ryden and it planted a seed in me, but I was still in the world. A few years later a found Matilde Oliva Arias (a peasant woman from Colombia, S.A., visionary of Jesus of the Divine Mercy). It took one interview with her for me to BELIEVE.


In December 2009 my house burnt down with all my possessions. I knew it was an invitation, that I should not replace them. So I didn’t.


In January 2010 I found out (because I didn’t even know) that living in concubinage was sin and in that instant, immediately, I stopped living in sin.


It was then that the only thing I had left was a Holy Rosary that had remained thrown on the floor. I picked it up, now without possessing anything else, and asked The Virgin to adopt me. She took me out of the world and led me for the following two years. She taught me The Our Father.


She kept on leading me to the messages from Heaven. There I found a J.V., Luz de Maria, Catalina Rivas… that were inviting us with the “second ring” of bells. Of course, I had to put my Sacraments in order: Made my First Communion and my Confirmation.


Then she led me to Augustine of the Sacred Heart and to the 33-day Consecration.

I had to be total and radical, that is what the “second call”: “Retire from the world”.

Our Mother went ahead preparing me to start feeling The Presence of Jesus. A while later I saw him for the first time.

On February 2012 I heard “Write” and I did.

Now we have 7 books.

The BDDH are a call to Salvation, they are the “third ring or call”.

Now, when I am tempted to have “something”, I hear the Voice of Jesus that tells me: “I don’t want you to have anything, because I want to give you everything”.

By the Grace of God, that is what I do.


The attacks of the Evil One:

Until I made my First Communion: March 19, 2011 “Saint Joseph’s Feast Day”, the attacks were horrible.

One time that I remained alone the roaches flew right at me, the rats, frogs, and other insects. My dogs, my only companions, sickened and died. There were presences (spirits)…

I would move from room to room to flee from these pests and spirits, but they did not stop until I made my First Communion.

Later, scorpions, tarantulas and other pests continued coming for a long time. But the Evil One started to lose power while I got close to Heaven and became stronger.

When I was small, very small, I heard Abba’s Voice tell me: “You are very special”. That was the only thing I heard.

Before I was 20 years old, I went to Jerusalem and had a mystic experience that surpasses even what I feel today.


It was not nourished –I am referring to my Spirit-, so it was burning out and I was absorbed by the world, without wanting it, even knowing by my own experience where The Truth was, I started falling into sin, because I did what I saw the world would let me do. That is how 40 years of my life passed, my walk through the desert of the world, until what I have narrated to you happened.


Those, like me, that are called by Heaven, the world does not want us. It is really hard for us in the world; they try to corner us to the point of makingus commit suicide. Nothing satisfies us because we are not of this world. Until we accept it, we renounce to it, and we embrace the Lord, is when the essence, for which we were created, is realized and there is no greater joy, even amidst the tribulation, of knowing that you are justifying your existence, meeting your part in God’s Project.


Once you feel it, the only thing you desire is silence and the remoteness to be with Heaven, where you find what you were always looking for in the world, without finding it: The Love, the Peace, the Joy, and a full Sense of Live, of Liberty, of Truth.


But you must be faithful, loyal, and total. Bread crumbs are no good.


The whispers of the Evil One that tortured me all my life have ceased. If he insinuates anything –and this is very important- it is necessary to ignore him. Never start a dialog with the Evil One and his companions. And then something awesome happens: Peace.


At last I am not alone, I live with My Family. I re-encountered with My Father, whom I had not heard for 40 years; for the first time I had My Mother –loving and perfect Guide-; the love I looked for in men, I have in Jesus, the Beloved; the Holy Spirit Counselor and Inspiration, who is like My Infinitely Wise and Kind Grandfather; and Saint Joseph, who is like my Godfather, Saint Michael who protects me… this is My Family, but IT IS ALSO YOURS.. IF YOU EMBRACE IT… IT IS ALSO YOURS…


Wednesday, March 27 Saint Joseph’s Feast Day

2013 Year of the Lord

Y María del Getsemaní




Spanish Version: Here



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