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I am letting you now, My little ones, how you will live in the New Heaven and in the New Earth.
With the Holy Rosary you can overcome Satan, but prayed with love, with the heart, and in this way, you shall protect yourselves and protect your brothers around the world.
The spirituality that you should allow to enter your heart will be attacked, even more attacked by Satanís forces.
Is it that you don't want these beauties that I have created for you?, you can't imagine, My little ones, what you will have and enjoy.
You can't imagine, My little ones, the beauties that you will start to live as soon as you start separating from the material.



On: I am letting you know, My little ones, how you will live in the New Heaven and in the New Earth.

My Children, in simplicity and in love, you must start treating each other, as true brothers, because that is how the new people of God are going to be.

I am letting you know, My little ones, how you will live in the New Heaven and in the New Earth. You will live in holy simplicity, in humility, recognizing that I Am the only one who has authority. I, your Father and your God, will be leading this new life, which will happen for you.

Recognizing My Authority, My little ones, you, as My sons and brothers of one another, must respect that role of brothers and My authority, with simplicity, because no one will be more than the other. It is when you really will recognize that all of you are the small cells of the Mystical Body of My Son, that all are important in the place where you have to live, and that what you have to do, you will do it with absolute love and total donation, as My Son did, who is the Master of all of you.

Yes, My little ones, you should live like that, in docility. Each one of you will know, in your hearts, which are My orders, that you will carry out in this new time you will be having, which will be a beautiful time, that I have chosen for the souls who will pass the trial of this purification, that soon you will have around the world.

Yes, My little ones, you will be united through your heart with Me, with your God, in My Holy Trinity. You will know perfectly what you must do and, also, will do it with pleasure, because you will be working for Me, your God, and for the New Kingdom that you yourselves are forming. It is something beautiful that I have chosen for the souls that have remained with Me and, most of all, that have looked for Me and, when looking for Me, have suffered, have suffered their own cross, because they chose the best part, they chose Me and the world does not want that you be with Me. Wickedness attacks you. The wickedness also wants its part in you, but you, recognizing the wickedness, have discarded it, and wickedness keeps on attacking you, but you, being united with Me, can eliminate it, not so the ones who don't look for Me, not so the ones who have put Me as the first thing in their life, because these fall easily to the seductions of evil. You who are with Me, I protect, I guide you, but you will have to suffer also your purification, so you can enter with your head high, to this New Earth that I will give you, that also you will have wrought with your sweat and blood and which you will enjoy, because it has cost you much, as it also cost My Son the redemption of all of you.

Remain with Me, My little ones and enjoy immensely with the peace, in these difficult moments, but beautiful, because you will know that thanks to that, you will be gaining the New Kingdom.
Thank you, My little ones.




On: With the Holy Rosary you can overcome Satan, but prayed with love, with the heart, and in this way, you shall protect yourselves and protect your brothers around the world.

My Children, I am your Mother, the Always Virgin Mary.

My little ones, how much I love you, but you know how I love My little ones, My babies, the smallest between you, your children.

How much pain it causes Me when Satan, in some way, affects these little ones, he knows very well how he harms the Heart of My Son, he knows very well how he harms My Heart of Mother.

Throughout history Satan has caused much harm, as you well know, in some form or another, in the old towns, they sacrificed these little ones so that pain would reach My Son's Heart and My Heart of Mother.

They keep attacking the little ones and not only now they are destroying them in body, but principally in the soul, they have taken away the love. How much pain in seeing so many, so many little ones around the world, where now they are no longer innocent, loving, saintly. Their parents no longer worry about them and let them see everything and, in this way, they are losing their innocence, but most of all, they are no longer taught to love God.

What have you done with My children? My Son, in the Cross, gave me Maternity above all human gender, all of you belong to Me, you are My children, I am your Mother. I take care of you, but the very parents take from Me the heart of My most smallest children, there is no longer love for Our God and they now no longer teach their smallest children.

What do you expect then of this world, if you are not teaching them to love your Creator, your God, who has given you everything? To whom then, do you believe you belong? Have you turned like the scientists, that think that you are born suddenly and you don't have obligations with anyone, especially with your God?

How ungrateful you are, My little ones, you are not thankful and being thanksless, you don't recognize that you have a life by your God and Creator, that you have a heart which He gave you to have life in the body, but over everything else, to have life in the soul. He gave you intelligence and gave you Wisdom by the Holy Spirit, but your arrogance pushes aside the Wisdom which you could have, and you keep only with the human intelligence which leads you by mistaken ways.

Certainly you look to have some spiritual support, but you look for it by wrong ways and in that way, you get farther away from your God and Creator and you let yourselves be taken by strange currents that, in reality, are satanic, because they are separating you from the reality of your existence, which has been given to you by your God and Creator.

I am highlighting all of this, My little ones, so you will realize that you belong to the Kingdom of Heaven, that you have life, because Our God and Creator wanted to give it to you, that you came to accomplish a mission of love here on Earth and that, at the end of your existence, you have a place in the Kingdom of Heaven, if you accomplish it with love, with donation, and with respect to Your God. That's why Satan diverts you, so you won't teach your children all these Truths and many more, because when you don't teach your children, you are not giving them the support for all their existence. What you don't give them when they are small; they will hardly have it later. Yes, My little ones, you spoil a soul which is flourishing and don't allow it to grow firm roots when you don't give it the correct and, that's why, you see around the world so many disasters, so many evilness, so much corruption, so much spiritual death, and it is the parents blame, not the children.

This has turned into a chain throughout time and now you are seeing the consequences. Pray much, My little ones, maintain yourself in a state of Grace and in continuous prayer, all you can, My little ones, My little ones. With the Holy Rosary you can defeat Satan, but pray it with love, with your heart and, in this way, you will protect yourselves and protect your brothers around the world. It is My Promise of Mother which I have given you since long time ago in all My Apparitions, that the Holy Rosary was going to defeat the forces of Satan in these times of great tribulation, where his attack will be each time stronger and if you don't detain him, he can destroy you.

I warn you again, because you are practically in the beginnings of the great happenings that will change the world. A new humanity will result shortly, the humanity of the New Times. The chosen souls that understood the lessons given from on High, will be the chosen to begin a new humanity.

Pray for those who will start that new beautiful task, of creating a new generation full of the love of Our God. You don't know if you will stay or will go, your present position is, simply, to pray with your heart for those who will begin that new world. Let Our God decide who stays, you remain in the Love and, staying or not staying, the Love always is going to lead to the eternal happiness, be it here or be it in the Kingdom of Heaven. Maintain yourselves with Me, with your Mother, I will take care of you at all moments, you are My Children, remember it, My little ones, I love you with all My Heart.
Thank you, My little ones.



On: The spirituality that you should allow to enter your heart will be attacked, even more attacked by Satanís forces.

My Children, I am your God the Holy Spirit, I live in you, I know you perfectly and I ask you to be little as children, as Jesus Christ asked you, because speculate too much over the events to come. You look in the mystery, when you are not prepared or indicated for it. You have the capabilities, in a certain way, of changing the events, which are already thought by Us, in Our Holy Trinity, since before of the centuries.

We certainly know man's curiosity and that's why we gave you in prophecy what you have in the Holy Scriptures. Certainly you can change some events or diminish the duration and the potency in them. Regarding the punishments, if you change, if you turn towards Love, and that is tangible in the Holy Scriptures, through prayer, through a change of heart that you can have, you can do great things. With a clean heart, with a child's heart that reaches to Us, Us, in Our Holy Trinity, we can give you better things than the ones already announced.

Unfortunately man, keeps falling into sin, doesn't want to listen, by his stubbornness, all that has been given to you in prophecy, in warnings and Messages around the world, man has stubbornly wants to remain in his wickedness and in his sin. He wants to keep on being the owner of his life, when he should be realizing that you do not have the capabilities to be able to guide yourselves alone, before this world of difficulties in which Satan is giving you so many problems around you and so many temptations in which you constantly fall.

The only way in which you can walk correctly, in this world, is acting in Divine Wisdom and that's what I am here for, your God the Holy Spirit, inside your heart, to guide you, in these times of darkness, spiritual darkness, which you are living now around the world. Satan has been very crafty and has led you little by little towards that spiritual destruction. You have been swallowing his lies little by little and, now, those lies you take them as a reality of life, that you must live them, because it seem okay, because you have not recurred to your God and haven't asked him what is good and what is bad in your life, most of all, in your actions in front of His Eyes. In this way, having fallen in Satan's deceit, you are falling into the abysm and many of your brothers are losing themselves eternally, for having fallen in this lie which you took as a way of life, as real life, as the life you should live, because now almost all are living this way.

That is why sanctity happens in the particular and you are seeing few, who are the saints, because few are the ones who want to understand these Words, few are the ones who fight against Satan's evilness, few are the ones who want to please us in Our Holy Trinity, few are the ones who want to be docile to the Mandates that Our Holy Trinity gives them, so you will grow spiritually and can have a large and beautiful place in the Kingdom of Heaven. You want to keep on doing your will and, in that way, the Grace is turning away from you, the Sanctifying Grace, to which you are called, but that you don't want to take.

My little ones, you are living difficult moments and you don't want to realize it. It is going to get more difficult all around the world, because the spirituality that you should let enter into your heart, will be attacked, even more attacked by the forces of Satan. You will be confused even more if you don't come close to Us, to receive a real and true guide; you can succumb to every deceit to where Satan has taken you.

Be careful, My little ones, because you have time on top of you. Wickedness is surrounding you and taking you by erroneous ways. Be careful, My little ones, very careful, Satan is lurking at each moment and the closer you get to a life of prayer and a life of sanctity, he will attack you more and you know that perfectly, but you must persevere, only with Our protection you will accomplish it. You are very weak, you know it, My little ones, you canít imagine how strong are the satanic forces in their full potency. Sometimes you judge wrong and play with it, you mock the very Satan, but we keep on protecting you. Maintain yourselves in prayer, maintain yourselves humble and simple, maintain an intimate life in the search of perfection, and in that way you will assure your passing through this Earth.
Thank you, My little ones.




On: Is it that you don't want these beauties that I have created for you?, you can't imagine, My little ones, what you will have and enjoy.

My children, I am your Father, the Creator of the entire universe.
You think you have matured enough as to understand the mysteries and you are mistaken. Certainly, you can measure your world, you believe you know it completely, and you have much more to learn and to explain with what I have put in your world.

Your arrogance has grown too much, you have opened your minds and your heart to Satan, the father of lies, and you have allowed him to fool you with his lies and, thatís why your arrogance has grown. Your scientists have sophisticated instruments with which to measure your world and other worlds, butÖ can they measure the entire universe? No, My little ones! That is my mystery, which you cannot penetrate, because you are full of arrogance.

I have told you and I have warned you that Satan is in your world, he is among you, and he offers you the riches of your world. If you adore him and foolishly have let yourselves be fooled, many of you, with his seductions, with his lies and, what will you have gained at the end of your existence? You turned your back on Me, you preferred to let yourselves be guided by Satan and his lies, and they led you to error and, for it, you will suffer eternal condemnation, like the ones who gave Me their back are suffering now. Yes, My little ones, if you live in error, you will die in error.

Satan promises you the goods of the world, what your men of science can measure. Look at the universe, look at its infinity, you canít even imagine what exists out there, and that is what I have for the good souls, for the faithful souls, for the docile souls, all these riches that are still a mystery for you.

The time will come when I will remove the veil that covers yours eyes. If you maintained yourselves docile, if you maintained yourselves in Faith to My Promises, that Faith will lead you to the eternal reward. Is it that you donít desire all these beauties which I have created for you? You canít imagine, My little ones, what you will have and enjoy. Those are the fruits of My Love; those are the rewards of all God that loves you, who loves his faithful souls, the small souls, the humble and loving souls. Look My Little ones, how many riches!

I wonít allow and havenít allowed the arrogant man to go beyond certain limits, because his arrogance in itself, is limiting; only the simple souls can see all these beauties that I have promised. Believe, My little ones, in My Divine Words and the time will come in which you will thank me infinitely that I have maintained you in Faith, to what I promised from way back since the old times.

I am your God, I am the Creator of everything visible and invisible. All of this is work of My Love and you are invited to enjoy with Me all this incommensurable beauties, beauties that go beyond manís imagination. You are not capable to even imagine what My Potencies can create and all of this is for you, faithful souls, good souls, docile souls, and humble souls.
Thank you, My little ones.




On: You can't imagine, My little ones, the beauties that you will start to live as soon as you start separating from the material.

My Children, your world has to be purified. Before the Original Sin, all the worlds, everything created, was one thing. Living in harmony, living in peace and thatís how it is lived in Heaven. My Thought also ran through the entire universe, Heaven and Earth were not apart. And you must unite again Heaven and Earth and thatís why My Son come to teach you how to be children again and, it will happen thanks to Love, because Love has an immense potency, infinite, as I Am Infinite, your God, which I Am all Love.

A transfiguration has to happen in you, I have told you, and in the same way as you separate from the human, the material, you will be filled by the spiritual; and that is how you will start to enter into the heavenly life, still being on Earth, surrounded by the material. You canít imagine, My little ones, the beauties that you will start to live as soon as you start separating from the material. Certainly you live in a material world, but what I am referring to when I say to separate from the material is not live for it, you need it, but you should not desire it as the first and last goal in your life. Everything, all that you do, live, all must have a spiritual end in mind as My Son taught you. If you donít know My Son, His Teachings, His Life, you wonít be able to understand what I am referring to. All a God was between you, all one Divine Teacher was on Earth, to teach you to live how you live in Heaven, so you would leave yourself be guided by the correct ways that souls must take. When you do your own ways, you are going in the wrong ways, very different to what is the Divine life, the life that you must take to reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

Your humanity is deceitful, it doesnít think with Wisdom and thatís why, your ways are erratic and you continuously fall in error, into wickedness. If you were wise, humble and intelligent with yourselves, you would know and accept My Words which I am telling you now.

Man necessarily needs Me, your God, to advance sure and productively; you should yield much fruit.

I bless you, My little ones, in My Holy Name, in My Sonís name, and in the Love of the Holy Spirit.
Thank you, My little ones.




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