(Our Lord Jesus Christ Speaks)

Priests have a sacred ministry, so big and sublime, that there is no other that equals it on Earth.
The priests are human beings loaded with frailties, dangers, defects and they are not angels, but they, My children, have a sacred ministry, so big and sublime that there is no other that equals it on Earth.

In spite of their frailties, priests are persons chosen by Heaven to carry out this sacred ministry and even if you don’t understand how Heaven makes the election to choose determined men for the priesthood, those are mysteries that I reserve to myself and you don’t have a reason why you need to understand them. I, Jesus, speak to you.

A priest fulfills a role in the world more important than the governors, the legislators, the judges, the kings, the princes, the doctors. The priests are instruments of Heaven (I speak of the true priests), but that doesn’t mean that they are perfect, because they are not, from there, the need to pray much for the priests, because as they have the biggest ministry on Earth, they must fulfill it admirably, if well, they need more prayers than anyone so they will accomplish it according to the will of God and the wellbeing of the souls.

If you lacked kings on earth, if you lacked doctors, judges or any other class of professions, you could go on living without difficulty; but if you lack the priests which are the ones who serve you and heal your souls, you would be lacking the linkage between Heaven and Earth which are the priests, because they forgive your sins because I gave them that power (Jn 20:23). They administer the sacraments to you because I conferred that power to them through their ordination (Lk 22:19). No one can consecrate but only a priest, no one can forgive but only a priest, no one can give you the sacraments but only a priest, and your dear souls of My Divine Heart, are not conscious of the need you have of holy and straight priests and, of the need they have of prayers and sacrifices.

But children, the priests must pray for their brothers the priests, because they also need of your ministry, since they cannot forgive their own sins, therefore, all must pray for the priests and do not curtail any means to they can holily accomplish with their ministry, don’t change, and overcome the many dangers to which they are submitted being inside the world. I, Jesus, speak to you. My peace and the peace of the Most Holy Trinity be with all of you.



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