During his life, Father Pio appeared to many people through bilocation. After his death, he continues manifesting himself to certain people. These are the messages he gave to a privileged soul so he would make them known to the world.
“Father Pio, was surrounded by a marvelous light, amidst flowers, and surrounded by Angels. His sores were luminous, but most of all, the sore on his side. Over his breast he had a Cross, but without a Crucified. The Crucified was the very own Father Pio.”

Immediately he transmitted a message that said:
“Dear brother… write:

Don’t be afraid! I am Father Pio! May Christ, King and Lord of the entire universe live eternally! From the throne of my glory, I make my word reach you, while you are in the tempestuous ocean of the human life, which is fighting and swimming in the manure of all types of filth.
I, Father Pio, lover of Jesus Crucified, live copy of his crucified life, have the permission of communicating to you everything that happened to me just after I expired.

The Omnipotent God, most just and most lovable, allowed my soul to still remain for three days in the earthly globe, at the foot of the Tabernacle (Sanctuary), to repair for all the irreverence that had been committed in the holy place of God, because of my presence while taking care of the people. Having been three days at the foot of the Tabernacle doesn’t mean loss of sanctity that the infinite goodness of God had in his goodness to grant me. At the moment of my transit, I understood the light of God, the need of a complete act of reparation for all the souls that, during so many years, because of my cause committed many faults of reverence in front of the Most Holy Sacrament.

(Our Note: It was very difficult to control the behavior of the faithful in the long waiting lines, while Father Pio was listening to confessions. So be careful with the lack of reverence in Mass and in other activities inside the Church, mainly in the summer months. Some people, men as well as women, go to Holy Mass with inadequate clothing. They offend god when they do not assist well dressed. Men: loose pants, long, for no reason short pants, shirts buttoned, leave only the top button open. Perfectly groomed, if they do not have a beard, shave. Women: with dresses in adequate lengths, under no reason, the cleavage and the clothes too tight. Father Pio will make reference to this further on.)

The soul enamored of God, knowing the light of the Eternal Sun that comes from the beauty of God, sparks by itself to give the Lord the last testimony of love and reparation. Therefore, you don’t have to wonder about those three days of reparation. At the same time I was found worthy of being alike to Christ even when I entered in the shining glory that was awaiting me. Didn’t Christ remain three days and three nights in the sepulcher? And the virginal body of our most sweet Immaculate Mother, didn’t she stay on earth for three days and three nights? Inscrutable designs of God that the human reason cannot understand. During that time, the Most Holy soul of Jesus enjoyed the beatifically glory of the Divinity in the bosom of his Heavenly Father; on the other hand, for me the three days passed at the foot of the Tabernacle (Sanctuary) were very painful.

Later the soul took flight, stopping in the mansions of glory to contemplate the greatness of the Omnipotent God. Then I opened up the last threshold where the awed soul contemplated all the mysteries that are enjoyed in Paradise (see final note).
I am not speaking of the great reward that I have deserved for so many sufferings endured on earth, if it were possible for me, I would have preferred to stay on earth to suffer until the end of the world to repair for the great Majesty of God, so outraged, and to be able to still save more souls.

Oh negligent souls… value your existence! Make of it a great treasure for the eternal life!
But my mission will still continue… I won’t remain inactive. I will accompany the souls that were dear to me and I will watch over the ones that waver in the Faith. I will be with you while the Divine Will allows it.
Invoke me in your painful moments, in the tempestuous valley of tears! I will help you so your faith does not waver, and you will give glory to the Lord who has created you from nothing.

In Heaven I am in constant conversation with God to save souls, but especially I turn to the Queen of Heaven and of earth, and along with Our Lady, I carry out my mission… It is a time of great corruption in the world, but it is also time of great Mercy on God’s part, who keeps on waiting that his infinite merits be utilized.

“I have told you that I did my Purgatory at the foot of the Tabernacle. This has been God’s will. I could have done it for a longer time and in a different way. I did my Purgatory while alive on earth, signed with the sores of Jesus Crucified, and with the soul continuously grieving deeply, similarly to what Jesus suffered in the Cross in his painful agony. I have been able to live so long, thanks to the assistance that the Lord gave me.
Do you want to know what my glory is? You can only have a pale idea of it?

There are paradisiacal joys that are always discovered again, and one stays always in raptures… But the glory is not the same for everyone… The soul that has loved more, that has suffered more and which maintained itself in true purity, that soul is capable of tasting much better the incomparable mystery of the Celestial Jerusalem.
I am with my dear Father Francis (Saint Francis of Assisi), surrounded by Cherubim’s and Seraphim’s which sing the hymn of love and of glory.

In the world, people live without Faith, or maybe with a listless Faith. The ones who are closer to the Lord could work more and embellish their souls with vital juices…Blessed are the souls that, as industrious bees, are able to reach the heavenly goal with a well-formed crown over their heads!
Meanwhile, in the world they only think of having fun and they sin a lot. There are threats from God that are going to be accomplished inexorably. All the celestial Court adores the Divine Omnipotence and begs Him to soften it. That is why… all of you pray and offer sacrifices.

All say: Father Pio has died! Father Pio has died! But, how can you call “dead” the one who has reached the true life, eternity? The immortal soul abandons its mortal remains, meaning the body, to enjoy true happiness. Dead are those who live away from God, without living the true life, which is: the divine grace. The dead soul to the grace, living in darkness, has a body like an ambulatory cadaver, without the essential consistency. All the life that animates the body is the real substance exuded from the life of the soul. From there it is that the title of death, by the followers of Christ, is absurd. It should be called “transit” “trip to the paternal home”.

In the world many travel much, taking the soul in the fragile vessel which contains it. From there come the operating intellectual faculties produced by the soul. Oh, poor those that do not know well what it means to pass from the earth into eternity! A great fear is felt because the vital reality is not lived. Because of this, much importance is given to humanity, living half way.

Love the true life that conducts you to Christ! The flesh must serve as an instrument to treasure merits in anticipation of the trip that leads to the eternal wedding! “No more fears!” Whoever knows how to travel will find his triumph…!; the triumph of having guarded well the treasure of the immortal soul in mortal remains, terrestrial, called “body”, which will also resurrect resplendent at the end, to enjoy the celestial happiness. The more we hold back the body, mortifying its strong passions and maintaining it in purity, the more it will serve us to do good, and much more it will shine in the happy eternity.

Death is not such for the ones who have lived the life of Christ, but which is life. The soul is the vital center of everything of the human being. Once it barely leaves, the body shoots itself like an arrow towards God, Source of life to start and endless life… Being so, the souls in grace of God should experience any type of terror when the supreme hour of their meeting with the Creator comes”.
“Many people considered me as being rash… irascible. Here is the reason! How many intimate battles I had against the friend of pride, who sometimes bothered me strongly and, on certain opportune circumstances, made me act diversely!

But we must not judge easily a soul who loves humbly, serves, and sacrifices for the glory of God.
“Dear brother in Christ and with Christ! I recommend to you at present to take care in how you can always honor more the great Mother of God and our Mother. If you were in Heaven and could see all the impurity that there is in the heart of man, and how man would like to destroy God’s plans manifested in the human Redemption through Immaculate Mary, you would wish to precipitate yourself, if it were possible, over the earth, to manifest to the world the infallible truth of the Verb made Flesh in the purest bosom of the Virgin Mary, by power and virtue of the Holy Spirit. Nevertheless, even knowing everything that there is in the world, you are unable to understand it fully, because you are not in the eternal splendor of God.

How much consternation and even fear, to express myself in a human way, doesn’t leave in us the Infinite Justice of God, willing to act when seeing his Infinity Justice vilified and outraged! You, dear brother, would like to understand how the Blessed can enjoy and at the same time feel consternation and fear: start knowing that, us being happy in heaven, see ourselves obliged to use the earthly ways to make ourselves be understood better. Wasn’t it necessary that the Verb of God become humanized to save humanity? Therefore, it is nothing strange that we manifest ourselves sad and hurt, and that we can be horrified in the face of the terrible misfortune that will affect all humanity, contaminated with the guilt, and without possibility of salvation.

The angels, still being pure spirits, when they appear, don’t they perhaps turn into human forms? Everything is possible for God, when He wants it.
The painful manifestation must appear in proportion with the redemption of an Omnipotent God, in such a way that man will take conscience of the horror that awakens in God his dark presence.
When the sky is serene and the sun shines, man feels happy of being able to act comfortably, without running into obstacles; but when the sky is dark and threatens with a torrential rain, then man takes precautions of defense… provided he wants to.

How many dire manifestations of immoral debauchery! The wicked, wanting to cover their corruption, pretend to obfuscate or annul the attributes of God in the creation and Redemption of the fallen man, and later depraved with so many infamies. The world is walking in darkness! There is no way to escape! It should be punished and reduced to nothing, with more reason than Sodom and Gomorrah!
Don’t delay in distilling over the souls a little light from heaven. But before anything else, this light should be received by the consecrated souls… secular souls… who pretend to change the Heavenly Manna (the Eucharist) for the acorns of filthy animals!

“What is going to happen in the world? Our happiness in Heaven is invaded by distressed anguished cries, because all of us have on earth human beings that belong to us. Hurry up! Don’t stop to ponder! Write… speak… shake the hearts that want to submerge themselves in the mud! They are, before anything else, our Consecrated Brothers who make the “Bread of Life” bitter, once they start to corrupt their conduct. What a tragic perspective…! What a Babylon of visions… The hour is very grave and they will be the first one to be involved in the storm, because by their cause so much evil is happening in the world.

Put your program into practice:
1. Manifest to the world the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary;
2. Proclaim that the consecrated souls (priests and religious) at not wanting to follow the norms of purity and of virginal continence, are not worthy of remaining at the service of God by the Holy Tabernacles.

Much prayer is needed, some penitence, a greater union with Jesus Eucharist, a greater dedication to redress. Victims of reparation are needed, Host souls, pure souls. The suffering of the pure souls, penetrate in Heaven.
Don’t let the faithful sleep! Preoccupy yourselves with the interests of the Creator, avoid the useless pastimes, the prolonged watching of television!

Deprivation… penitence… zeal for the glory of God!
“I still propose to you to manifest to the world, two important problems that are so treasured in the Beatific Glory, in which we find ourselves. If we were granted to come down to earth, we would be willing to go back, to make merits and fill, each one of us, those big and small holes which we passed in lost times.
God has created men, not to dissipate themselves in time, but to save and sanctify themselves through time, using it for the Heavenly Home which awaits all.
It is the wasting of time passed uselessly in sin, what gradually drags to hell. This is the first problem: avoid the waste of time.
The second one is: inculcate the need to live in the presence of God. How important it is to live in the presence of God!
The Lord himself told Abraham when making him father of great generations:
“Go in my presence and be perfect!”

Joseph, Jacob’s son, was invited to commit evil in Potiphar’s home, he refused it energetically saying: “How can I commit a bad action in the presence of my God? Because of this, he was slandered and put in a jail. But the Lord was with Joseph and rewarded him, making him pleasurable to the jail’s director, who trusted to him the other inmates who all of them remained at this orders. In addition, the Lord rewarded him giving the gift of prophecy and in that way he got out of jail and was constituted as viceroy of Egypt.

The chaste Susan, was invited to sin, and at the thought of “God sees me!” pronounced a rotund “no”. The tempted, the mocked, invented a calumny and condemned her to death. The Lord wanted to reward her and sent the Prophet Daniel to discover the calumny. Susan’s accusers were condemned and she was liberated from that ineffable slander that could have led her to martyrdom.

These are very important problems of the last times, so sinful, and so full of scandals! People live as if God did not exist, and those who know of God’s divine existence try to run from God’s look, so as to save worries in the justification of their lost conduct.
Many souls boast of knowing and realizing what I have said or done in Saint John Rotondo, but they are unable to decide on a firm and convincing foundation.

“I recommend you to insist to love progress and the concern towards that supreme act of infinite love that Jesus lavished giving Himself entirely and without limits to the souls. That this gratitude towards Jesus Eucharist be felt and put into practice. The Tabernacle is the source of life; it is the support, peace, help and consolation of the tired souls. You must go to Jesus with true faith and not by routine as to forget it as soon as possible. Live by faith, of that live faith that elevates the souls to the sublime things, instead of submerging too deep on earth. The world is a place of transit. You must learn how to battle to let go of fleeting things. If the souls do not come near frequently to the Eucharistic Fire, they remain cold, without breath, lukewarm, without merits. And, what consolation can Christ receive from those souls who do not have the strength to fly over everything created? We must live firm in the practical conviction of our obligation to love and serve the Lord. Oh, if the souls knew well and appreciated the great gift of God that remained living on earth, how they would live life in another way! All the treasures are gotten from the Tabernacle; the soul sanctifies itself and lives transformed in God. If you don’t experience hunger and thirst of God Live, you live an empty life, dark, which does not make any progress.”

“Miracles, prophecies, bilocation, stigmata’s, etc. are attributed to me. But I was nothing else but an unworthy instrument of the Lord. Without the rain that falls from the sky, the earth only produces thistles and thorns. In a certain way, Jesus must use some soul to demonstrate his existence and his omnipotence to the world. To many souls the Lord has given abundant graces, but later took them away because He wants to be reciprocated. The seed must germinate… the soil must be fertile. The only thing needed is to receive God who is at the door calling and, if you don’t open generously to receive his visit… he keeps on going… he doesn’t stop to lodge. He demands certain disposition which is a duty. He does the rest and He knows how to do it very well. Plus the soul who looks for and wishes God’s visit, has to move aside from the world’s bustle. The Good Lord found me… solitary and in prayer. He called at the door of my heart and I welcomed Him, thinking that it was a duty to give lodging to the Lord who had created me. To love God is the greatest duty in life, and I understood that since I was a child, like many more children understand it, still not poisoned by the world. The families are the ones who have the door closed to the light of the Sun! The families are the ones that waste time by the television, in the presence of their little ones. They eagerly wait for the interesting programs without worrying about the children, that go absorbing so much poison in their innocent hearts… and that is why, the Lord passes by! That is how the present time is: the passing of God, without giving Him the opportunity to stop! And later… poor families that from a home make a focus of rebellion! I, by the grace of God, have accomplished my journey and believe to have fulfilled with my duty in giving the Love everything that by love He has given me throughout his Calvary.

If we knew that all act, even the smallest one, made for his love results being one hundred times multiplied to a hundredfold by God!To all the thousands of persons who came to see me at Saint John Rotondo, without caring about the discomforts and sacrifices, I ask them:
Have you changed your conduct? Which fruits have you taken from having come close to a servant of God? If all of you would have changed, you would have taken light to the world. Your contacts with me have been scarce fruits, since in another way the world wouldn’t be constantly getting worse.

Meditate: If the seed buried in the groove doesn’t die, it won’t grow roots; if man doesn’t die to all the inclinations of the flesh, he cannot have life. Man and woman, in the terrestrial paradise, didn’t know how to fight or overcome in the diabolical struggle of pride and fell defeated into the claws of Satan. Their sin passed to all the generations until the end of the world, and from there is that the battle always revives in man, as a consequence of sin. Like a denatured father, leading a scandalous life, corrupts his own children with his bad example, so Adam perverted the world.

What I am announcing to you at this moment, you, dear brother, can spread itfreely, since it is urgent that humanity be shaken and awakened. Don’t let it sleep in the swamp of guilt; it should recognize the omnipotence of God three times Holy, and that from his heart flow milk and honey instead of hate.
Man looks for his punishments with his acts of rebellion against the Most High God. Man, abandoned to himself on God’s part, is headed towards the abysm of all types of perdition.

“Also write this:
It is not clearly understood the importance of the soul when it must present itself before the Infinite Majesty of a God Judge. Even some Saints, even though of sublime sanctity, their entrance into the eternal glory has been delayed for a few instants because of some small things that seemed like nothing to the eyes of men. Each soul must correspond to the talents given by the Lord! “I leave you, O brother, this legacy: The Crucifix, the Eucharist, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the souls that must be saved!”





Father Pio, in his prolonged and fatigued tenure over earth, fulfilled a great mission. By will of God, now that he is in eternal happiness, keeps on playing a very large mission in the world, through his “messages”. Like in all things, but mainly in this supernatural field, there are some who believe and also some who unfortunately don’t.
To each soul his own responsibility!
On April 1969, a soul, an extraordinary victim appeared to Father Pio. His features were human and from them emanated softness, fragrance and light. When he contemplated it, in a certain way, which glory earned him Heaven, after a life of martyrdom on earth, wasted in love of God. From the extremities of his fingers (thumb and index), with which he touched Jesus Eucharist, luminous rays came out, since his life had made him worthy, as much as was possible, to touch with his fingers the Consecrated Host.


Father Pio said to this same soul on this second time:
“Dear brother, write:
The Lord wants to use me first and then you. The election has been done by God, who has ordered to reveal his will through these means, so you will transmit it to the pagan world.

I want to warn all who are on the earth, men and women, young men and women, that the earthly globe is docile to the dispositions of the Creator, obeying its natural laws. Meanwhile, the world moans and finds itself in great affliction when it sees itself shaken, mistreated, and trampled by humanity, so rebellious to its Creator and Redeemer. In the natural field, what thing is missing for your sustenance, for the development of your human existence? On God’s part, nothing! You are the ones that while receiving, instead of being grateful, give your back to our Benefactor and you curse the Lord of Heaven with your senseless behavior, which fills you with benefits! Aren’t you aware that you are going through dark and tremendous days, and that the obscurity of death besiege your ambitious destiny, thirsty of pleasures? You refuse to open your eyes to see clearly, at the light of the sun, your wicked behavior? You don’t want to have faith and believe in the messages sent from Heaven looking for you, lost sheep? I have told you that your Creator doesn’t let you suffer for the lack of anything when he governs you. But, respond: Is your body similar to the ass, that to obey, lives subject to the scourges of a cruel owner? Your life on earth, of what does your body consists of? And all your mental elevation, in the eagerness of stretching to the top of heaven, with the end in mind of exploring the works created by God overcoming all types of dangers… and all that scientific apparatus fabulously applauded by the incautious humanity… for what good radically based orients your soul?


The Lord has given you infinite means to live well, but most of all, He has left you the precious means to save your soul. Your intelligence is consumed in experiencing new human inventions, but only the soul that knows of the infinite, finds wings to find her Creator, her Redeemer. You live lives of pagans, because you have a venal heart, too selfish. Each one loves himself in detriment of others, because you have lost the way to the true love of God.

Think about this seriously! The Lord cannot stand anymore your pride… your arrogance… your hardened heart in the guilt! All your conduct is reduced to a rag of lust and mundane glory. You pass by the side of the abyss and refuse to be aware of it! Wake up, shake up, go away from the drunkenness, and don’t allow to be filled with alcohol by the infernal enemy who has already taken a big lead in the fact of possessing you more or less all of you. Rapidly his pestilent influence is extending more each time. You have very little time left to restore the grooves in your souls! Do a little penitence! Out to all the corrupted entertainments, diurnal or nocturnal! If you don’t return to your God contrite and repented, your steps will follow the shadows of death.

Summer is coming and the Temples are desecrated because of the mismanagement of therelaxed and very secularized Priests, which look with indifference that due respect and modesty that should be observed in the consecrated places because of the presence of God Live. Observe in the temples strict norms wanted by God! Nothing of nakedness, uncovered heads, and women with slacks! The Lord chose his coming to the world, when in Palestine the women had their heads always covered and the men dressed a tunic with a robe. The Celestial Queen is always represented in all the images with a long dress and the head covered. From this that, in the name of God, nothing that does not convene enters the Holy Temple! The Ministers of God stop the pusillanimity; have vigilant eyes in the control of your faithful, look in everything the glory of God and, with paternal ability,know how to ferment the dough, pushing away the Divine Ire who is too tired of waiting.

The feminine sex is the delicate sex and should live its delicacy, which is, the gentleness of the feelings in the acts of expression.Her behavior, more sensible than the male, should be a manifestation of her purity and her personal discretion. Nevertheless, women, perverting the divine order with her behavior, pervert humanity, society, the family, and the innocence with which they are surrounded.

Oh women, don’t go to the beaches with your sinful contagiousness! You want to attract the looks of men and, instead, you daze it! Let your model be the beauty, the virtue, and the candor of the Heavenly Virgin! Don’t follow Satan, evil and provocative corruptor! Don’t adorn your bodies with flippancy, that one day theywill turn into horror and stink of the gravediggers!


Be cautious, wise, and not senseless! Pray frequently the following prayer:
All beauty, pure, holy and immaculate you are, Oh Mary…
Pray so my poor soul will be saved…!

Two ambitions, in this last time, push man to the abysm: the ambition of money and the eagerness of pleasures. Woman, on the other hand, is pushed by the licentiousness in everything. The life of man on earth should be a life of conquests for the eternal life, battling against the passions which are opposed to the Kingdom of God. How many battles, how many industries are faced in the tempestuous ocean of life on earth to always improve more your own position, so as to have greater possibility of not falling in fruitless disillusions, to acquire fame, to superimpose which could compromise their own success! But, have you ever thought that your soul has imprinted, in a indelible mode the eternal word of God: Let’s make man to our image and likeness…? Therefore, man, coming from that unexplored source of love of eternal life, should live positive realities. These realities are only offered in prayer. Jesus has left us the example; he would walk away from the Apostles to get away to Pray and He, you well know, didn’t have any need of it (prayer). He told the Apostles, his favorite ones, this: The one who prays, will be saved; the one who does not pray, will be condemned. The true way has been lost for not wanting to spend a little time with God. Prayer provokes you nuisance. You are too attached to the world, and you no longer feel the need of God. You imagine Him far away from you, and that’s why you keep him cornered, life if He did not exist.

You only find time for your mortal entertainment in contemplating for hours and hours that universal instrument of nocturnal ruin which is the television, fogging your mindsalways more and more, infected with so many morbid and sinful revolts. Seriously think that only the soul is the greatest richness of your life, since it has been created and ennobled by a God Creator of the entire universe. Out of this reality, everything is lost… you don’t plant anything for eternity… you live in a vacuum and trampling the very dignity of the free gift received from God… your soul!

Revive your Faith! Pleading, you will be saved! Think of the generosity of so many Martyrs to saver their souls! And you, what are you going to do to save yours? The ass is worth more than its owner?... And, if your soul is of an infinite value, how do you trample it and makes it similar to the ass?... Or, isn’t your soul a possession that belongs to you?

The truth cannot be denied. The soul really lives in you, infused in you. When it separates from the body to reach eternity, the body remains lifeless and later it rots. And, nevertheless, you are not the least preoccupied by a mystery of such importance, as if you had eternity guaranteed on earth! In the world, the progressive science takes much of your time, and it is in constant decline the divine science, the science of love, which should balance all your existence! The progressive science, what a disaster for so many incautious souls! It can be affirmed that the modern science is the Bible of the devil. To discover something again, enjoy some laws of nature, throw yourselves out of the globe… Everything should bring us closer to God, who has put in the world so many marvelous secrets and provides the means to discover them with the gift of intelligence. Instead, man, a small atom of the universe, loses himself in his arrogance; he thinks he is big because searches deflowering everything created and is not interested in His Creator. Forgetting his eternal destiny, he thinks only of time and only trusts science. But the Faith, which is true science, overcomes the human science.

In the world, everything has limits. Only God does not have limits, or past, or future. He is the Uncreated, the Omnipotent, the Omniscient, the Infinite Abyss which never fills up. You can’t, therefore, avoid his look over you. He sees all and with the same measure of time with which you would have measured it; you will be, without doubt, measured in the last day when He tells you in his immense Majesty, with the rights of Father of all the people: Go, damned, to the eternal fire! I don’t know you!

These, my warnings, are immense graces that you are receiving from God, since I am speaking on His name, with the end in mind of calling your attention towards a true improvement. But if you don’t do it and continue being deaf, you won’t be able to escape his Divine Justice. You have many means of salvation, chiefly “prayer”; the getting closer to God. The Temples are deserted. You no longer feel any attraction in looking for Him who is always looking for the lost sheep. But those who go to the Temple, with how much hurry and irreverence they are in the presence of God who is alive and true in the Tabernacle!

Some, having acquired certain habits, enter the Temple with such lack of attention, with such reluctance, with such lightness in their dressing and in their behavior… that they desecrate the Holy Place of God.

I still repeat it to you: Don’t measure the time of the Lord, or of your soul! Treasure it, defend it, direct it straight to your Creator. You very well know how unexpectedly you could find yourselves in front of God’s tribunal! Some sudden deaths are an indication of reproval and divine punishment, because many live far away from God.

The Lord is very merciful, but He is also inexorable in his Infinite Justice!
Blessed are the one who know the end for which they have been created, but how few they are!...
The Priests!... What greatness of dignity covers them and what senselessness to want to degrade it! Listen, O Consecrated! God, which is Purity by essence, chose an immaculate family while still on earth. The intimate family of God is formed by the virgin souls chosen by Him. Where a pure and virgin soul lives, there is the Temple of God. Your minds, Oh Priests, are altars of God, where He immolates himself. Happy those of you who pour the divine grace, as flowers of the gardens, as Temples of Religion, as Altars of priesthood! The works of the chaste souls are exempt of bitterness and full of softness, because purity rests in God. To you, Oh Consecrated Souls is assigned a special custody, since you are the ones who maintain immaculate the thalamus of the Lord. The virgin soul is a victim who offers himself to the Mother Church. The virgin Priests are the ones who praise and exalt with their lips the Passion of Christ and their bodies, while carrying such Passion, are the perfumed lilies of the Church. As the limpid water reflects the sun, so the pure and chaste soul reflects the image of God, which reveals itself to the pure and clean of heart. Remember it with profound attention: the most beautiful and precious ornament of a priest is the virginal purity. Purity penetrates Heaven and gives the vision and the intelligence of the sublime things. It is a reflection of the clarity of God, it gives the pleasure and taste of everything that is holy, it has special intuition of the spiritual things, and it creates the heroism of virtue and of martyrdom and of the burning and encouragement for the salvation of souls.

What will you do, dear Brothers, to remain chaste and pure amidst the many dangers of a captivating and treacherous world? Practice the Mortification of the external senses, mainly the eyes and ears, avoiding the idle familiarizations that constitute the tomb of purity. Oh, virginal purity is envied by the very Angels! She gives a particular splendor to the eyes and the gestures. Purity comes from Heaven. It is necessary to ask for it unceasingly to the Lord and to take care not to sully it. It is necessary to close the doors to the terrestrial sensuality, as when you close doors and windows to prevent the entrance of something undesirable. That the constant look of the Omnipotence of God makes you be enamored with Him, and makes you live a life of Heaven now from down here!

The faithful please remember: every Thursday, in the Parish or at least privately at home, to do a Holy Hour for the Sanctification of Priests.
You, dear brother, ask me a message in relations to divorce. But my message lacks the force in front of so many public scandals that are committed.

Divorce!... Worse than divorce!... What the persecutors of the Church pretend to introduce in Italy is simply the sinful adultery! How can my word eliminate the muddy turbulences of rebellion against the fundamental divine law?... What model can be presented to a people so pagan and drunk of passion?... The supporters of Satan have their reign in the world. How much fire hidden under the ashes, that is spreading more and more!
Messages!... What success would my message have… since little faith is put in the messages and they prefer to leave them in a vacuum?... And also… now it is too late!


Nevertheless, write:
Divorce is the blunder of the last times, familiar and social anarchy, horrible orphanhood in the world! Have present the true shout of alarm, of great anguish and great bitterness that resounds in the Heart of God!...Men have become toys of the infernal abysms! How do you rebuild what has been taken down!... Only the most intense prayer and the suffering of the good ones united to the prayer, will be able to reach some rays of light in the darkened brains.
Even being in the immortal glory, thanks to the love that unites us to the Holy Mother Church which is only one link with us, the passerby’s, in the name of God and through my dear brother, I direct my fiery word, that a part of Heaven still wants to unite with you in the storm of the world. But in a particular way, I am speaking to the ones who personally saw me and shared with me the feelings of Faith with a greater transport of love of God.


Listen to me with attention!
The afternoon has passed, and the night is advancing of the life of the world. It advances always more, exercising its empire, the invasion of evil. Humanity runs towards the abysm each time more in alarming proportions, provoking terror and discouragement in the zest, painfully terrorized of those few good ones that are still firm in the Faith. A scream of alarm, united to a profound bitterness, invades the anguished soul of the Church, of the Vicar of Christ and of its members.

Come closer to me one more time! Listen to the scream of my pleading word!
Souls, who are still firm in the Faith, lift up your banner of peace, of love, of Faith in Christ and with Christ, defend your personal rights according to the norms established by the Supreme Being and contained in the doctrine of the Church! Form your armies against the current of evil! Your Father Pio will assist you! Annul, despise the deplorable formula “divorce” – “fornication”! Divorce is the satisfaction of your own flesh and your own blood, with the end of consolidating in a life proper of filthy animals under Heaven, at the sight of the Creator of the entire universe. What blindness, hated by God, unworthy of his forgiveness! Divorce means to provoke the curse of God over the earth, most of all the human gender. Go out in defense of the truth, which is, the indissolubility of the matrimony blessed by God, who said: “What God has joined man cannot separate! Man, blinded by guilt, wants to become familiar with Satan, because divorce is a prevarication of rebellion against God and against the Church.

The Lord, Father of all, before leaving the earth and after having given all his innocent life the price of his blood, said: I won’t leave you orphans! I will be with you until the end of times! Cruel and senseless men exclaim, on the contrary: We want divorce! Let’s form families of orphans! Let’s multiply in the world the scandals and the corruption! Here is the rebellion shared with Satan! Oh, wicked men, meditate and meditate well on this dark and disastrous concept, meaning, about the destruction of the families and so many innocent souls, victims of the dissolution of the matrimony! The Lord blessed the matrimony, removing the original sin of the first man to give you eternal happiness. And you want to go back? Families should not incur in the danger of familiar decomposition. The wrong ideas should be annulled. Don’t tend towards disintegration!... You have lost the concept of the true culture of life. Divorce would be the biggest question mark of the catastrophic life.

Make yourselves conscious of your behavior; don’t keep on defrauding the work of God sculpted in your souls! Don’t live any more as rebels! You are lowering your personal dignity too much, having lost the way of the divine dignity! You should be aware of your state and how so many powers act in you! And instead… from the woman you have form a source of brutal and shameless passions.

Divorce… fornication… leave or take what pleases you the most, what will lead best to the life of pleasure, taking care of the low perspectives of your own interest. Lust, ambition, and lustfulness have made you slaves of the earth you are standing! All the political forces are influenced by evil; and the arrogance is very detested by God. Open your eyes wide! It’s not necessary to be pessimist. Look around you and see how everything is in ruins and everything painfully deplorable. Look for the causes; analyze your conduct! Think that each moment that passes of your life is a new compromise entered into with God. Return to your normal life, clean, honest, guided and blessed by the divine grace! Don’t be anymore transgressors of the total law of God; don’t raise up more his paternal displeasure! Weaken the evils; don’t be accomplices of them; eliminate the fight against God, against the Pope, Vicar of Christ! He is responsible of all decisions, under any aspect; he, like a vigilant pilot, will conduct to safety the embattled ship through contrary winds. The Pope is the loving guide of the moral future of humanity. Don’t let yourself be carried by the violent current, who wants to reduce everything into nothing. Have a clear conscience of the Supreme Being, and don’t waste too much time in the human science only, which at the end will leave you empty handed. Don’t try to build always on earth, but better yet build and restore God to your being, which does not know an end. What the souls has planted, it will harvest. Think it well! Use your existence in noble works, fruitful, non-perishable, and don’t run away from the suffering that surrounds your way to purify yourselves! Precisely for living the comfortable life, for loving the diversions, for promoting the greediness of pleasure, you lose the peace and rest, and let yourselves be carried by the vertiginous current, which pretends to swallow everything!

Renounce to the illicit and the superfluous! Suffering is what gives merit to the life; and life, the more you appreciate, it is worth so much more. But not a human appreciation, appreciation of everything that flatters the senses, but appreciation that makes you find god, appreciating everything that a life of true Faith, of charity, of love strengthens. Come close to the instituted Sacraments by God himself frequently. You are being spoken by whom while on earth passed a life Crucified, martyr of the body and of the soul, to lead souls to Christ! And you want to lead a pleasing life, omitting what is basic to the salvation of your soul? Look for your Creator. Confront generously all your opponents! Neutralize the Forces and the aggressive diabolical powers! Be the defenders of the indissolubility of marriage! Only one is the true law: God, the Church, the society… in your concrete relationships. Give thanks to God, who allows me still to be with you to encourage you! Since I came of the world till today, a great step has been taken towards the worsening. Darknesscovers all the face of the earth. I want to make you notice that your conduct clamors your perdition. You accelerate the time of the punishments! Instead of disarming the Divine Justice, you are putting the ammunitionHis hands for the decisive battle.

Again I repeat it to you: Pray, pray, pray! Look for your Christ, hanging on the Cross, full of sores and bloodied for your rescue, for your salvation! Give validity and don’t annul so many precious infinite merits! Don’t live any longer of ingratitude, of insensitivity! Light in your hearts the flame of the true charity of Christ! Love who Loves you! Break the chains of sin, which have you tied and paralyzed! Revive your Faith, deep, authentic Faith, which will always help you to realize a synthesis that will treasure all the true life! Push away from you everything that leads you to live far away from God, from the Church, from the Sacraments! Throw yourselves with confidence at the feet and arms of your Celestial Father! He will receive you; He never rejects the repentant soul. Tell him with all your heart: Lord, what do you want me to do? May the Immaculate Heart of Mary serve you as a great help, the last anchor of salvation for the lost children! How her Maternal Heart cries and bleeds seeing you distant from Jesus! Go to Her with trust so She will lead you again to Jesus. She will guide you to the port of salvation.

Don’t forget all your previous visits to find me in Saint John Rotondo, and put into practice so many of my advices. May my personal presence of Crucified for the salvation of souls speak to your heart!
I pray for everyone and I bless you all!


Your Father Pio



  Mysteries. Occult things very difficult to know. Reserved secrets and of great importance.

Note: We want to thank the anonymous person who realized the impeccable translation from Italian to Spanish of these marvelous messages from Father Pio who do so much good to everyone. We suggest that you form groups of meditation and analyze this text in its depth, you will be surprised of the quantity of messages you will find after an exhaustive analysis.

Supernatural Phenomenon and Extraordinary Charisms
In Father Pio’s life there are many things which are baffling and inexplicable for science.
Much has been discussed about the figure of Padre Pio. His faithful, his spiritual children and who met him personally are ready to give testimony of many mysterious episodes that distinguished the life of the brother. The most ascetic and those who are commonly called “enemies” of Padre Pio have defined him as a “talker”, and “neuropathic”. Beginning with the stigmas up to the multiple miraculous events, Father Pio’s history is full of mysterious happenings, in which the faithful cannot stop recognizing the hand of God.


A mystical gift that Father Pio received to be able to communicate with his faithful is the gift of ubiquity or bilocation. The Father could be present in two places at the same time. When Father Pio wanted to talk with someone or warn someone so he would not commit a sin, he would appear in flesh and bone.
At the moment Father Pio would remain in silence in the place where he was, while his soul and body reached the person with whom he wanted to talk. Many of the people that were witnesses in first person of the phenomenon of bilocation, in reality noticed it much later, when they discovered that the Brother with whom they had talked, was in another place, sometimes away by thousands of kilometers, at the same time. But all of them could affirm that Father Pio was in front of them in person. Some people did not even know him and only later, through a photograph or an image, they discovered who he was. He used to say: “For me there are no distances”…

Many are the ones who affirm that when they got close to the confessional, they heard from the lips of Father Pio a complete list of their sins –some already forgotten by the passing of the years- before they were told to the confessor.

The gift of prophecy is a special grace that God grants to some privileged souls to foresee things or predict future events. Father Pio had this gift and used it for the good of the souls.
In 1959 he informed Cardinal Montini (Pope Paul VI), that “when this Pope dies, you are going to be the successor”, and to Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II), he foretold that he would be the successor of the Apostle Peter, and also the Pope who would guide the Church in passing from the second to the third millennium”.

An entire book would not be sufficient to relate all the miraculous episodes which Father Pio would be considered responsible of, so many healings, the graces, and the conversions that happened through his intercession. Surely all of us have some friend or close relative that with certitude can affirm that he has received graces from Father Pio.

Father Pio use to rise each morning at 3:30 a.m. and prayed the Office of the Hours. At 5:00 he would come down to the sacristy to celebrate Mass for one hour and a half.
Father Pio said one day: “The Mass is Christ on the Cross, with Mary and Jon at the foot of the cross and the angels in adoration. Let’s cry with love and adoration in this contemplation”. (Our note: The priest represents Saint John, Mary is present, because in the consecration the Incarnation of Our Lord is repeated again, not in the sacred womb of Mary, but in the Host.)

Impulsed by the mysterious and irrepressible force of the Spirit, after waiting impatiently all night in the courtyard of the Church, the pilgrims, when the doors of the temple opened, entered tumultuously in the house of God and would clustered themselves around the altar to see closely the stigmatized Golgotha who in virtue of an intimate and secret oblation, would transform into a visible altar for the Cross of Jesus.
Whoever would have had doubts about the real presence of Jesus in the consecrated Host, wouldn’t have had them after assisting to Father Pio’s Holy Mass.

In those moments all temporary and special distances disappeared between the altar and Calvary. In the Crucified of the Golgotha, the souls glimpsed alive the Crucified in the Golgotha.
The Mass, a memorial of the Passion of the Lord, represents, revives, and updates the Sacrifice of the Cross. If Mass in its ritual repeats the Last Supper, in its essence it sacramentally renovates Calvary.

The sacrifice on the Cross is made present in virtue of the action of the Priest, minister and effective sign of Christ.
The thousands of people who participated of his masses where left very awed forever of his celebrations. Attention was paid by the faithful, especially at the moment of the Elevation of the Host and the Chalice, because everyone could see his perforated hands. Frequently, small trickles of blood ran through his fingers.

Father Pio, carrying in his body constantly the sufferings of agonizing Jesus, lived in his own flesh a life that was a visible sign that he lived in faith: now it was no longer him who was living, it was the Lord who lived in him in such a complete form that he was physically nailed with Christ in the Cross.
Father Pio, between tears and sobs, in the middle of his indescribable torment, updated, during the Consecration, the divine tragedy of Calvary so real that in his trespassed flesh the horrible martyrdom of crucified Jesus was shone.

His body temperature reached up to 48 degrees Celsius or more. A special thermometer was needed to take his temperature.

Frequently, he ate only once a day, and very little quantity for such a long and hard day of work, 15 to 16 hours, and sometimes he was only nourished by the Host in communion.

Also today, like when Father Pio lived, many people affirm to feel the perfumes, most of all of flowers, related to the apparition or an intervention of the Father. Among the mystical gifts that the Capuchin received from the Lord, are the perfumes precisely. What is it about? While Father Pio lived, he left behind him a pleasant perfume, which was present also in the things he touched or in his clothes. The perfume is described as pleasant, subtle and delicate, a mixture of violets and of roses. Many people have affirmed that they smelled the delicate perfume while being in his presence or before the Brother appeared to them in one of his frequent bilocation phenomena. Also now, after his death, the persons affirm that when they receive a grace from the Capuchin, sometimes they can smell the perfume around them. What meaning does Father Pio’s perfume have? It is a sign of his presence, of the protection, like a reward from Father Pio; it was like a voice, a call from Father Pio who was thinking about someone, praying for him, that cared for his problems.

Some people who met him in person affirmed that the odor of the perfume came from his sores.
And the miracles, the apparitions, the graces that the Brother from Pietrelcina continues granting some 30 years after his death. Each year thousands of pilgrims go to San John Rotondo (San Giovanni Rotondo) to ask for a grace, a sign, and to pray. Also the most ascetic at the end, give in when faced with the “proofs” of the works of Father Pio.

Serenity of the soul, always and in all places, sincere humility, never spoke about himself, Father Pio live in an habitual interior recollection, at the same time being happy and spontaneous, perfect obedience to all authority, he felt a true affection for his superiors. His piety was sincere, modest, and without any kind of emphasis.



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