Prayer to Our Lady of the Cenacle to reach charity with our brothers





 Holy Virgin of the Cenacle, our Mother, Immaculate Mary, we humbly pray, that you grant us the graces of the Holy Spirit, so we can, living united in charity, persevering unanimously in prayer, and supported by You, our guide and teacher, deserve greater glory of God, dedicate ourselves with the example and the works of salvation of the souls, and obtain eternal life. O Our Lady of the Cenacle, assist us favorably in the present need and aid us with your power, so, through your prayers, All-Powerful and Merciful God will grant us the grace which we strongly request. Amen.



Our Lady of the Cenacle, pray for us.



O Mary, who entered this world without blemish! Obtain for me from God that I come out of itfree of blame.



O My Lady, Holy Mary, I commend my soul and my body to your blessed patronage, and in the bosom of your mercy I deposit it now and always, and in the hour of my death. In your hands I place all my hope and consolation, all my anxieties and miseries, my life and the end of it, so through your holy intercession and merit, my works receive and carry printed the seal of your approval and of your Divine Son. Amen.



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