Peace be with you.
The topic that I am about to reveal to you, for the glory and benefit of the Church, this Church which Christ bought with His Own Blood, is going to be one of the most noblest themes about Me.

It is necessary that I manifest these riches to your brothers and to your sisters, so they also will be nourished of these inexhaustible riches that flow in abundance, for the benefit of the Church.

For this noble topic that, divinely, I will reveal to you, you will have to allow Me to penetrate your intellect and give you a sublime light of understanding. In My benevolence, I will incline to talk not only over you, but the Same Wonder will provide His Knowledge for all humanity.

Contemplate; the Husband is inclined over all of you to communicate to you the words of Life which will adorn you with royal scarlet. Through grace, you will receive from Me, if you open your heart, sanctifying graces which will strengthen your soul and lead you to perfection.

Those who read these words of Life and who do not have the disposition, or are in the truth, will see everything as foolishness, since they are accustomed to walk in Sterility; they won’t be moved.

But, for those who search for Paradise with simplicity of heart and who do not put Me to a test, over those, I will pour My Light and My Rays, and I will illuminate them. Then, I will make My way in them and will purify them. And, when they come trembling, when recognizing their impurities and sins, with a wail that will sound more like the cry of a newborn, they will give birth to a new life in Me, rendered by the Jealous Love.

After conquering them in Sanctity, I will flow within them as a Life-Giving River. My passing through them, as a Life-Giving River, won’t be imperceptible. I won’t be like a ship that furrows breaking the panting waves, without leaving traces that show where he passed, or like a bird that flies through the sky, without leaving any proof of its pass or a signal of his journey.

I will come to them, will spouse them, and will dress them with Christ. I will transfigure their souls into an Eden, because they will carry God, within themselves, as a Lamp; this will be the sign that I will give them in My Invincible Sanctity.

I will remain in them taking care of them and I Myself will be Who will adorn them with nuptial garments, crowning them with My Deity, a royal crown of splendor, the beautiful diadem of the Hand of the Trinity. No one is worthy of such favors, but in My unspeakable Love, I said:
“The night, now, must give way to the light; the vice, to virtue.” I will work in his soul so temperance, prudence, justice, and fortitude will be his riches.”

I will cultivate this generation and will make them understand that immortality is found in being family with Us, the Triune God. What is richer than this Work of Mercy that I, God, will be doing for them? Then, having breathed Live in these souls, I will send Wisdom from My throne of glory so it will convert in its Prodigy.
“Immortality is found in being family with Us, the Triune God.”

Later, everything that had been reduced to ashes, in the sterility of the earth, during all these years, I, by My divine benevolence, will make it relive and flourish, to all who are willing. Fertilized by my warm rays of light, I am telling you, generation, you will be divinized and deified in Our Trinitarian Deity.

Today, all see, as far as they are capable of seeing, but after My passing between all of you, you won’t be limited to see, in the way you see now, but in, a more ineffable and more divine way, you will see with My Light, even penetrating in the things hidden from God, since you will be seeing things in My brilliancy.
(1) Your whole body will be shining like a brilliant Light. I will be the Lamp of your body (2), which will fill you of the radiance of Our Kingdom, which are:


From the beginning, We created you in the image of Our Own Nature. We said: “Let’s make humanity to Our Own Image, yes, a likeness of Ourselves”. But the envy of the devil was the one who lead you all to death.

Now the earth wails with pain and punishes itself, sighs and weeps, tired of not existing any longer, crying and suffocated for lack of air
(3), rusting in its interior and rotting in its bowels. Yes, you have stopped being…

(1) The Holy Spirit is predicting to us the “Era of the Spirit”.
(2) Mt 6:22-23.
(3) I understood this as: lack of the Holy Spirit blowing over us, because of the impediment of the earth, for the Holy Spirit to act freely in us. Truthfully, we can say that the Holy Spirit is suffocated by this generation, more than one can imagine.



I have elected you and have not rejected you, in spite that you, also, had stopped being. And that is how I am going to show, in this same way, My unspeakable love and My divine power to whoever is willing.
(1) I won’t reject you, but, do you see how indulgent My love for you makes Me be? In these days, I will descend along with the Father and the Son as Three Witnesses. God Father is a Spirit (2), since He sends Me, the Spirit of Truth (3), to be with you always and guide you to the complete Truth.

The Verb of God, Light and Savior, who existed since the beginning, Who is closer to the Heart of the Father, has given testimony and has let you know the Father. You have been bought and paid for with His own Blood. Haven’t you read that the Word of God is alive and active, and gives testimony on earth, as the Father and I give testimony? The Saint, who bought His Church with His own Blood
(4), gives testimony with His Blood and I, the Spirit of Truth, who guides you to the complete Truth (5), give testimony with Water (6).

Therefore, We are Three Witnesses and the Three coincide We are Only One God
(7), with a Will, a Power, and a Domain. What image, creation, have you invented of Me and still do not know Me?... And yet, I have never ceased to give testimony; I was never hidden…(8)


“O, unspeakable Light of Beauty,
Your Divine Eyes were sweet and smiling.
You smiled at me and I found myself
Returning the smile.
Your Face, O Holy, had
an angelical attractiveness.

Your Holy Face,
irradiating Love and Purity
was so close to mine.

I wasn’t even
In a deep meditation
When you surprised me
appearing before me.”

“Even though His Face was adorable,
His Eyes were what called my attention,
Leaving me in awe and admiration.”

“The love of Your look,
Observing mine,
With unspeakable tenderness,
was like two shining stars,
was like a transparent turquoise sea,
full of serenity.
What can I say, poor worm?”

“Your Divine Eyes, My Lord,
Are like a Liturgy,
And ocean of Love,
A Paradise and a consuming fire
For he that, worthlessly,
Was allowed to contemplate them…”


How blessed are you, whose ears I opened, that your ways remain straight in Our Wisdom, so you can fulfill Our Divine Will.

Count on Me, well loved, because I will bring as many as possible to the union with Our Unity and will fill them with Light, in such manner that they will be filled with absolute fullness of Our Trinitarian Deity. Come and learn: in the tribulations: I am always with you.

I am your Consoler and, where there is desperation, I console and heal.

I am the Giver of Live and blow over you My baptismal kiss.

I renew you;

I renew you so your natural inclinations, which are so contrary to God and so human and mundane, which lead you to death, can be transformed and deified in My Divinity and My Nobility, and able to be like the angels and saints.

I am trying to lead you all to a filial union with the Father and the son and Myself, so you will move in Us and We will move in you.

I can transform your trapped minds and liberate them so your thoughts and words will only be of spiritual things. Therefore, don’t say: “I am condemned by the baptismal kiss of death of Satan”. NO! not if you come to Me now.

I am the antidote of Satan’s mortal kiss.

I am the antidote of the very Death…

It is true that without Me your body is dead, but with Me your body lives and, in Me, and through Me, you will be counted as a child of God. That is why you should allow Me to Kingdom in your hearts and make you sons and daughters of the Holiest.

Scripture say
(9): “Happy are the pure of heart; they will see God!” To see God and recognize Him as your Father, you have to be born from Me, the Holy Spirit, by the grace. In which other way would you be able to see God? Or perhaps a child, before being born, has seen his father? No, only after he is born he will see his father. In the same way it is with your spiritual birth from Me.

Flesh is flesh and has the vision of the flesh, but whoever is born from the Spirit, is given a vision of God that allows him to possess Him, recognize Him, and penetrate in His depths.

Therefore, come and speed up your step; go forward, and I will take you on My Wings to fly the skies and lead you to the place of Our adoption, there where all My Saints are, anointed by Us, Three times Saints. Or perhaps you didn’t know, also, that you have a place reserved with them?

Be trustful and come to Me, I will transform you, from being a rebel, to being honest, leading your soul towards sanctification and, then, sin will no longer have power over you. Sin is like a wicked master for you and you shouldn’t give this master any opportunity, under no circumstance, so he imposes over you. But I, that Am the Fountain of everything Good, can dominate your wicked master, which is sin, because My Law is a Law of Kindness and Life, which brings under all his evil inclinations.

Come and find Me in simplicity of heart and fix your heart in Me. Don’t come to Me untrusting, or with a brilliance of mundane language; don’t come close to Me with conceit, vices or falsehoods. No one who comes in that manner will ever possess Me or see Me. Nevertheless, the souls who walk to the light of contrition and innocence won’t be denied My Presence. I will fly towards them from My Glory, in a brilliant light, followed by multitudes of angels, to heal the, renovate them, and make them a spirit with Mine, to inherit My Kingdom. Flesh and blood cannot inherit My Kingdom, because the perishable cannot inherit what endures forever.

Then, to make you understand who is the Only Trinitarian God, nevertheless, One in the unity of the essence, I will heal your guiltiness, flowing in yourselves like a river, refreshing your dryness and sterility. No one is worthy of seeing God, because, in effect, even if there was one perfect among you, if he lacked Wisdom and Light that proceeds from Me, he still would be nothing.

The depths of God are riches that are not from this world and, without me, it is impossible to contain them. Without Me it is impossible to penetrate the motives of God or understand His methods, but if you would allow Me to recognize in your conscience, penetrating your intelligence, I would mold you in Myself so you can be truly grateful to Us. Your abandonment to Me is the only way in which I can transform your mind, so you will have the mind of Christ, discovering Our Will, knowing what is good, and what is that We want, and what is the perfect thing to do. Therefore, don’t allow your flesh protest…

In spite that I seem inaccessible to the eyes or unavailable, completely invisible, I let myself be seen with all clarity. I speak words of Wisdom and, like a friend that trust himself to a friend, I trust you My secrets, without hiding any of them. I am in front of you and I, who lacks form, will take shape in your spirit.

I am entirely a reflection of eternal light and, like a spotless mirror, My Magnificence is increased in all creation. I am here now, letting Myself be known by you, through this way
(12), also, but without losing My transcendence. I am filling you with My Knowledge, in spite that this current of transcendent light that I am pouring in you, goes beyond of what you can hold. (13) I offer, nevertheless, all these treasures of Our Kingdom to embellish not only your soul, but also all the ones of the others.

I am, for those who love Me, really more radiant than the sun, eclipsing all the constellations jointed together, and since I transcend, I can fill all things with My brilliance, without being contained by your limits. This is the way in which I unfold My Light in your souls, putting in order all the things in your interior which are good, so you, at the same time, reflect My Kindness and grow in virtue.

(1) The Holy Spirit speaks now to the entire world.
(2) In Jn 4:24 and also St. Paul in 1 Cor 15:45, is referring to Christ as “Spirit Giver of Life”. The description of “Spirit”, in the Biblical sense, doesn’t define so much the nature of God, as much as it describes his action of giving life. God is Spirit because He gives the Spirit.
(3) Jn 14:17.
(4) With this Sacrifice, we received Eternal Life.
(5) In Jn 16:12-13, Jesus tells His disciples: “I have much more to tell you, but now it would be too much for you to bear. When, however, the Spirit comes, who reveals the truth about God, he will lead you into all the truth”. It is a mistake to speak of the end in Revelation and consider it as a deposit of prayers. God is active and alive and will continue to manifest Himself, through the Holy Spirit; without ever stopping. When you say in Latin “completere”, it means that Christ is the full, complete Revelation of God, and not that He has stopped revealing Himself to humanity.
(6) With baptism.
(7) In the unity of the essence.
(8) In this moment, I saw a Face full of light, more beautiful than the most beautiful angel. The Without Form took shape. This vision of the Holy Spirit, which wanted to show Himself by His Endless Love; and unworthy gift to an unworthy being like me, left my heart full of joy. Every time that the remembrance of this vision comes back to me, my heart rejoices again. I cannot fade away from my memory. This vision of His Holy Face is going to remain with Me forever.
(9) Mt 5:8.
(10) Here it means the human spirit.
(11) Appearing and showing me His Face.
(12) In other words, beyond my capacity.



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